Anti-Bullying week

At MOVE we are passionate about giving back where we can and using the small platform we have to promote and raise awareness for issues that really matter. Last month, we ran the highly successful campaign ‘Mind Your Head,’ in which we donated all profits from the sales of our MOVE beanies and caps to PIPs. An extremely worthy charity, who support individuals and families who have considered, or have been touched, by suicide or mental health issues. We created awareness by hosting a YouTube Video, with Annette Kelly of Little Penny Thoughts (@littlepennythoughts); mental health coach Niall McAlinden (@thrivewithniall); and Love Island’s Matthew McNabb (@matthew_macnabb). They reflected on their own experiences of mental health, and what they feel helps them personally maintain a healthy mindset. This initiative, which ran for the month of October, proved to be hugely successful in not only raising awareness of being ‘kind to your mind,’ but in raising over £750 for PIPs charity. To acknowledge our admiration for this organisation and the work they do, MOVE have rounded this donation up, to contribute a total of £1000 to this worthy charity.

With October reflecting on being kind to your mind, November focus’ on being kind to others. This month sees Anti-Bullying Week taking place from 15th – 19th November, with this year’s theme being ‘One Kind Word.’

The feeling of isolation so many of us faced in the numerous lockdowns last year, means that kindness this year is as important now, as it ever has been before. Even the smallest acts of kindness to others whether it be to a family member, a friend, or a total stranger, can have a lasting impact. Anti-bullying week acts as a gentle reminder that we have no idea what anyone is going through, nor what battles they are facing behind closed doors. Simple gestures and kind words can brighten the lives of those around us more than we may know. With the theme of ‘One Kind Word,’ we encourage you to reflect on the potential lasting impact your words can have - to think before you speak, and to think before you type. Words can hurt. Words can damage. Words matter. 

We hope that anti-bullying week will remind you to choose kindness, always. In being kind to your mind and being kind to others.