Since MOVE started up just under 2 years ago, we (the office) have been inundated with messages and requests asking if it would be possible for us to link up with businesses, companies and brands in order to make their workwear, uniform or sports clothing. As MOVE had been extremely busy since our initial start-up, we never dedicated any time towards these projects and regretfully we had to let a people down. MOVE always had a vision to become a premium clothing brand to which we had to be very careful who we wanted to connect and collaborate with, for a few reasons. We didn’t want to dilute our brand by taking on very single request from businesses. The more companies and businesses to wear MOVE workwear or uniform etc the more the brand would become weak; that with zero disrespect towards anyone who contacts us as we admire all those requests but for the best interests of our brand and our vision, taking on every single request didn’t suit our long-term visualisation.

It would have been very easy for us to grant all these requests for financial reasons as the sheer volume of messages we receive on a daily basis was very high but we didn’t, for the reasons above. We had spoke together as a team and we realised as a lot of brands wanted our help for their clothing, we knew we had to adapt...

So, with that being said we have now created a sister brand called Adapt Clothing Co. We are delighted to now be able to take on these requests from all types of Businesses, brands and companies from Construction Companies to Corporate Office wear to Ice Cream Parlours. We felt that because there was such a demand for this and so many brands were unable to get workwear, we wanted to help. 

Nothing changes, we are still using the same suppliers that have served MOVE so well, our customer service team still remains the same and we still demand the same professionalism as we do within the office of MOVE. We have already worked with some huge businesses such as Alskea Contracts, Gymex and London based firm Myco. 

We are delighted that Adapt is now up and running and we would be delighted to serve you whether you’re a huge multi-million-pound business or you’re a small local business. 

You can follow us on @adapt.clothingco 

If you wish to start an order for your business, brand or school you can email any of our representatives.