MOVE turns 2 this week and what a crazy journey it has been over the last 24 months. Since initially launching the business back in lockdown 2020 I never thought a crazy idea would flourish into a business and last 2 years.  

We as a business are very grateful for every single person who have been involved in this journey. Firstly, we would like to thank every person who has purchased an item from us since we launched. Obviously, we would not be able to survive without sales so effectively it is you people who run this business for us. We hope that you can continue to support us as the years roll on!   

We would like to thank every person who has worked with us throughout those 2 years. From content creation, to photoshoots or even every single person who calls into the office to collect their item and stops for a brief chat. We have built some friendships with that will last a lifetime and those perks of the job is something that we love here more than most in the office.   

 We are well aware that the hard work cannot stop here if we want to become a well-established business, we don’t want to have 2 good years of success and then struggle to continue the legacy due to becoming comfortable. We have made plenty of mistakes and took some risks that didn’t pay off but we are always learning and we think this will set us up even better for the future. We are well aware that this project is only starting and we want to make sure the next 2 years are better for you all than our first 2.   

 We when initially started this business we had no idea it would come to this, we will hopefully have that same feeling 2 years from now when we look back and see how far we have come in these next 24 months. The great part of this is that we have so many more new people to meet, so many more people to connect with and so many more new items of clothing we haven’t even put pen to paper with; it’s going to be very special and we hope you can join us.  

 As a special thank you we have littered our #BirthdayW33k with some great givebacks for all your help and support to us. On Monday, we launched our most recent competition which is a trip to Ibiza for you and a friend! Since the launch, the entries have been crazy and we love to see the buzz of it all throughout our socials! That’s not all though, at the end of this week, we have a huge sale for you! For our current mailing subscribers, you all have the chance to make avail of our BIGGEST sale yet a day before everyone else; we are having a 33% sale! This sale will then open to the rest of the public on Friday! It is sure to be our busiest sale yet so we hope you can avail of the discounts before our stock sells out – this is a thank you from us, to you!  

 Team MOVE