Mind Your Head


Last month, MOVE got involved in a number of prospects around World Mental Health Day... 

Whilst we recognised the hugely encouraging increasing awareness around the topic, we felt that promotion of the marked date could only go so far in reducing stigma and promoting understanding of actionable improvements that we can take. So we set out to use this month to learn more through engaging with others and reaching a deeper understanding of how to deal with pressures which impact our mental wellbeing and mindfulness... Sometimes though, an expert's ear, opinion or advice is unparalleled. So we sat down for a coffee catch up with Annette Kelly (@LittlePennyThoughts) talking to Niall McAlinden (Thrive with Niall) and Matthew MacNabb (Love Island 2021) about their own experiences of Mental Health and wellness, covering habits and ways to maintain a positive outlook and delving into how and where may be best to seek further support (and it of course wouldn't be a MOVE. YouTube without a quick-fire This or That) and plenty of BTS bloopers! 🕺🏻 If you haven't had a chance to check out the full video in all its glory, click this link and enjoy! 

 Throughout the duration of October, for every MOVE beanie hat or cap sold, we donated 100% of profits to PIPS Charity (providing support to individuals who are considering, or who have at some point considered, ending their own lives and to those families & friends who have been touched by suicide). We are thrilled to have reached a profitable donation of £1,000 for the organisation - who provided crisis support to over 11,000 individuals throughout COVID-19 pandemic circumstances. Thank you to everyone in our community who got involved!

As a whole, this topic is something we are passionate about and as a team we are humbled that MOVE has grown and evolved authentically with our passion and lives and thoroughly enjoy that the brand seems to follow our strive for personal and professional development with us. We have become an outdoor and adventure brand for all walks of people and remain inspired by gratitude for what is on our doors... And as a growing brand, our community has provided us with a space to push our skills and give back... and we want to be here to help anyone who needs it, however we can, whether that's in the content we create or through having our channels open for anyone to message. 

 We enjoyed piecing this campaign together and were blown away by the positive response ~ so we have decided to make Mind Your Head a permanent series on our channels, with the goal of streaming of positive information, guidance and entertainment, that boosts you when you're at your mental best, and supports you when you're not. 

#MindYourHead #JoinTheMovement