world mental health day

Today your social media feeds will be saturated with #worldmentalhealthday posts... 

Whilst it's incredibly encouraging to see that there has become increasingly more awareness on mental health & the impact it has on every single one of us, this movement can only take us so far in reducing stigma and promoting understanding. You see... 

➡️We can read all the posts we want. 

➡️We can hear how important mental health is from a number of resources.  

➡️We can listen to all the top tips on how to help ourselves and others... 

💭But unless we begin to BELIEVE & BEHAVE like it's good to TALK and OPEN UP about HOW mental health affects US, we won't really see the progression we need. 

That doesn't mean we have to share our deepest darkest secrets with everyone... but it does mean that our conversations (at least with a couple of close friends, family or professionals) need to real, raw & authentic. 

 This year mental health, more than ever before, has impacted the lives of US ALL! Whether it has been mild or severe feelings, we have all experienced changes in our thoughts & emotions... and ultimately, many of us have struggled - no shock there! 

I want to remind you that the good days, bad days & days in between are all important. They are all part of life. AND YOUR FEELINGS THROUGHOUT ALL OF THESE MOMENTS ARE VALID, IMPORTANT & WORTHY OF RECOGNITION. 

But in those dark moments it's about responding in a way that is going to ultimately help and not hinder you.  

Whilst it might be difficult, we still always have opportunities & choices to make. It's about recognising where you are and what you need, from YOURSELF and OTHERS in these moments, that will allow you to move forward... 

👣 YOUR TOOLKIT In these difficult moments it's about choosing the appropriate tool from your toolkit. 

Sometimes that tool might be something simple like getting outside to clear the head...  Sometimes it might be meeting a friend for a chat...  Other times the tool might need to be an external source, such as therapy.  

At different points we need different things... Ensuring your toolkit contains more than one option is where we gain our power. So I ask you now, what's in your toolkit? 

Over the past few years I've been on a journey & learnt more than I could have ever imagined about myself, other people & life in general. I've struggled. I still do struggle. And I'm ok with that. But I've realised more than ever... 





On #worldmentalhealthday2021 I want to encourage you to look after yourself, be kind to your mind & TALK.  Talk about the good.  Talk about the bad.  Talk about the struggle.  Just TALK.💛 

We're all in this beautifully chaotic world together, so let's help each other & help ourselves by choosing kindness, compassion & empathy.

- Erin McElvogue - @MindfullyMendingMe