Self-motivation is key in keeping us inspired and driven to reach goals / tasks that we set ourselves. However, overtime it can become hard to remain enthusiastic, and when this happens it becomes harder and harder for us to continue to work hard to complete the things we want to achieve.

Motivating ourselves is not something that can just happen, and it can be a difficult thing to do when you are lacking in it. We need to implement techniques and actions that will help us form healthy habits to remain self-motivated. The sense of accomplishment we feel after working hard to achieve something, can act as a motivator itself, and our productivity levels can increase.

It is important to understand that these changes don’t just happen overnight - and that's okay. Taking small steps can help us reach big goals. Here is a few tips of what to do when you are lacking motivation!


Writing tasks or a ‘to-do list,’ down on paper can help us to visualise and focus on the tasks that need completed. The act of physically writing and re-writing material can force us to focus and visualise the tasks in front of us. It can help identify patterns and determine an order for completion based on importance. Having a physical list beside you can act as motivation and a reminder of what you are working towards. Ticking off once completed, can show how far you’ve came along and how much you have completed. Writing a to-do list can also help you keep commitments/appointments, which will help you to work around making a schedule to help you prioritise what needs to be completed and in what order. If there are tasks that are of lesser importance, they can be moved to a time that suits you better to complete.


Another way to self-motivate, is to identify goals. Similar to writing a to-do list, writing and identifying goals can help visualise the end result and what you need to do achieve that. Your goals should be SMART Goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Breaking goals down and achieving them in a realistic time frame will make them much more manageable and easier to complete. Seeing these goals and being able to take strategized steps to achieve them, can help motivate you to continue to work to complete them.


After identifying your goals, and what you want to achieve, keep yourself motivated by clearing your workspace and starting fresh. Organise what you need, buy more stationary if you need to, put everything into order, have your things set into places where they are easily accessed and where you know you will find them. If your workspace is messy, it can become a distraction, and potentially time consuming. A clean, tidy, and organised workspace can help you stay motivated and enthused to work to complete the task.


There are so many people or things that we look up to and that have such a positive influence on us. Whether this is an entrepreneur, influencer, musician, a friend, podcast, or book. We can look up to these people and things and take inspiration from their actions, and subsequently implement this advice into our own lives. When we admire someone, it becomes easier to listen and take their advice on board, and it can become easier to use this as a means of self-motivation.

A quote from Greek philosopher Socrates, “Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.” We should listen and take on board the advice from those around us, to help us learn and motivate ourselves.


Another way to keep yourself motivated is through recognising how far you have come, and to celebrate the small wins as well as he bigger milestones. Looking back at what you have completed can give you the motivation to continue to work hard, and to keep achieving your goals. Celebrate these achievements by taking time to yourself to do something you enjoy, whether that is going out for a coffee, meeting with friends or family, or treating yourself to an online shopping splurge. Knowing you can reward yourself after completing a task will keep you self-motivated to accomplish your goals and targets. When hard work pays off, you deserve to celebrate it and give back to yourself!