After 38 Gameweeks what better way to sign of the season with an exciting finish like Sunday's games. It was the first season in a long time that I can remember so much action on the last day of the year. Relegation, Europa league, Champions League and of course the title all to be played for in the final 90 minutes of the season. City come out on top in dramatic fashion killing Liverpool's hopes of a unthinkable quadruple season. We will dive in to top performers and find out who were the successful players of the MOVE League and Cup winners. 



   265 Points


    258 Points


208 Points



An exciting season has come to an end. With many different leader's at the top Brian McElroy finishes on top with a 51 point lead on 2nd place Caolan Harvey. Brian finished 145th in Ireland and 3310th in the world, he walks away as the winner of the MOVE FPL 2021/22 with his prize money of £250. As Caolan finished 2nd out of the 275 entry's and earns himself £100 MOVE Voucher. 

The new feature of adding the cup this year was a good way for player's like me who were a long way from winning their mini leagues and opportunity to win something at the end of the season. The winner of the MOVE Cup 2021/22 was Lee Kelly. Lee wins £150 MOVE Voucher. Lee started of with a bye in the first round and comfortably cruised through the whole way to the final where he defeated Rich Knight.

Congratulations to all winners! If you could please get in touch with us at so we can dispatch your winnings.

 MOVE Top 3




Top 5 Price Rise's

Player Starting Price Ending Price
1. Concelo 6.0m 7.2m
2. Son 10.0m 11.2m
3. James 5.5m 6.5m
4. Trent 7.5m 8.4m
5. Jota 7.5m 8.3m

Gameweek 1 deadline: 

Saturday 6 August @ 11:00pm! 

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