With the exciting launch of our Ladies High Performance Range, came the introduction of our MOVE. Plant-able Lavender seed tags. 

When designing the Ladies High Performance Range, we strived to create a range that would help encourage you to become active and to, of course, look and feel good whilst doing so. We understood the countless benefits this would offer you in terms of physical and mental health. But we wanted to do more. We desired to incorporate an element of self-care and mindfulness, so that this range would give back to you. With this desire, came the introduction of our plant-able lavender seed tags. Not only did this allow us to achieve our initial aspiration, but it also gave us the opportunity to give back to nature – something that we are passionate about at MOVE. 

Attached to each of our Ladies High Performance Range items is a plantable seed tag, made from fully biodegradable material. Each tag is filled with lavender seeds, so all you have to do is simply cut the tag, plant in soil, and watch your Lavender grow as you water and care for it. We hope that this will encourage you to take a break, whether it’s from social media, or the stresses of work, and take time to yourself. We feel planting our seed tags will help you do this, as you get back to nature and give back to yourself- creating a happier and healthier mind! 

We are proud to have introduced an incentive that connects personal health, development and growth, alongside giving back to nature. We encourage you to care and look after your lavender plan as it grows whilst you glow!